Free Italian IPTV Links m3u Playlist Download – Stream All Italy Channels [Updated]

Getting to watch free IPTV Italian channels is easy if you happen to find the right source to download the Italian .m3u playlist. But, the problem with this is that most of these sources are not authentic or fake! We at IPTVReviewers have direct collaboration with IPTV service providers like Helix, Iconic streams, OlogyTV and many other top brands. This helps us in getting free .m3u links for testing purposes and we provide it to the general public for free! Also, note that the streams we provide are of much higher quality compared to Flexus or other free providers.

Download Free Italian m3u IPTV playlist

If you are looking for free Italian IPTV links or free Italian channels m3u links then you have come to the right place. At IPTVReviewer, we aggregate daily IPTV m3u links and offer them to you without charging any money. Our lists are updated on a daily basis and expired m3u links are removed and then replaced with new working stream links. So, don’t forget to check out our website in order to get hold of the latest working iptv m3u file or direct iptv streaming links.

To give a brief overview of IPTVReviewer, we try and test out various iptv service providers and write reviews about them. You can read these reviews to make an informed decision before subscribing to any iptv-provider. Apart from this, we also provide daily free iptv stream links for various channels including Italian, UK, German, French, Arab, India, Turkey, Italian, Spanish and many others. Apart from these, you can also find m3u links for sports channel streaming. Rest assured, all these are 100% free!

Main features of our Free Italian IPTV m3u streams/links

  • 4k, Full HD, HD and SD channels
  • Major Premium Channels bouquet included
  • All Italian major league Sports Channels, Italian movie Channels, Italian radio & music Channels, Italian Kids Channels and Italian Local Channels included
  • Updated EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • 7-days Catch-up
  • Anti-Freeze, Anti-Glitch technology
  • 99.9% Server Uptime
  • Supported on all Streaming devices
  • Regularly updated with new m3u file

All our Italian channels and streams are provided from a private server with 10GBps bandwidth to give you seamless viewing experience. These free Italian m3u iptv links are compatible with latest Smart TVs from LG/Samsung/Sony or any other leading brands. You can also use our free m3u playlists directly on your Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, Android mobiles/tablets, Android box, Nvidia Shield box, MAG devices, STB emulators, Dreamlink, Enigma devices, Kodi, VLC, Openbox and many other similar devices. Apart from these, you can directly use our Italian IPTV m3u on apps like IPTV Smarters, Perfect Player, SS IPTV app, GSE-IPTV app etc.

List of Available Italian Channels in our Playlist

1. IT | Premium Calcio 1*
2. IT: Alice
3. IT: Animal Planet
4. IT: Boing
5. IT: Canal 5 HD
6. IT: Canale5 HD
7. IT: Cartoonito
8. IT: Cielo
9. IT: Discovery Focus
10. IT: Discovery HD
11. IT: Discovery Science HD
12. IT: Discovery Travel&Living HD
13. IT: Dmax HD
14. IT: Eurosport 1 HD
15. IT: Eurosport 2 HD
17. IT: Fox Animation
18. IT: Fox Comedy HD
19. IT: Fox Crime HD
20. IT: Fox Crime HD(1)
21. IT: FOX HD
22. IT: Fox Life HD
23. IT: FOX Sport HD
24. IT: History
25. IT: Inter Channel
26. IT: Italia 2
27. IT: italia1 HD
28. IT: Juventus TV
29. IT: La7
30. IT: MarcoPolo
31. IT: Mediaset Extra
32. IT: Mediaset Extra(1)
33. IT: Mediaset Iris
34. IT: Milan Channel
35. IT: Nat Geo Wild HD
37. IT: Pesca e Caccia
38. IT: Premium Action
39. IT: Premium Calcio
40. IT: Premium Calcio 2*
41. IT: Premium Calcio 3*
42. IT: Premium Calcio 4
43. IT: Premium Calcio 5*
44. IT: Premium Cinema
45. IT: Premium Cinema 2
46. IT: Premium Cinema Energy
47. IT: Premium Comedy
48. IT: Premium Crime
49. IT: Premium Disney Junior
50. IT: Premium Disney Junior(1)
51. IT: Premium Emotion
52. IT: Premium Joy
53. IT: Premium Sport 2
54. IT: Premium Sport HD
55. IT: Premium Stories
56. IT: Premium Studio Universal
57. IT: Rai Gulp
58. IT: Rai Movie
59. IT: Rai Movie FHD
60. IT: Rai Movie HD VIP
61. IT: Rai Premium
62. IT: Rai Sport 1
63. IT: Rai Sport2
64. IT: Rai Yoyo
65. IT: Rai1 HD
66. IT: Rai2 HD
67. IT: Rai3 HD
68. IT: Rai4 HD
69. IT: Rai5
70. IT: Real Time
71. IT: Rete4 HD
72. IT: RSI La1 HD
73. IT: RSI La2 HD
74. IT: Sky Calcio 1
75. IT: Sky Calcio 2
76. IT: Sky Calcio 3
77. IT: Sky Calcio 4
78. IT: Sky Calcio 5
79. IT: Sky Calcio 6
80. IT: Sky Calcio 7
81. IT: Sky Cinema 1 HD(1)
82. IT: Sky Cinema Classic HD(1)
83. IT: Sky Cinema Comedy HD
84. IT: Sky Cinema Family HD
85. IT: Sky Cinema Max HD
86. IT: Sky Cinema Passion HD
87. IT: Sky Cinema1 HD
89. IT: SKY F1 HD
90. IT: Sky Fox Comedy HD
91. IT: Sky Foxcrime HD
92. IT: Sky Moto GP HD
93. IT: SKY Primafila 3
94. IT: Sky Primafila 6
95. IT: Sky Primafila 7
96. IT: Sky Primafila 8
97. IT: Sky Sport 24 HD
98. IT: Sky Sport F1 HD
99. IT: Sky Sport1 HD
100. IT: Sky Sport2 HD
101. IT: Sky Sport3 HD
102. IT: SKY TG 24
103. IT: Sky Uno HD
105. IT: SUPER TENNIS (Backup)
106. IT: Supercalcio HD
107. IT: Teleticino
110. IT:SKY Cinema 3D
111. IT:SKY Primafila 1
112. IT:Sky Primafila 10
113. IT:Sky Primafila 12
114. IT:Sky Primafila 13
115. IT:Sky Primafila 14
116. IT:SKY Primafila 2
117. IT:Sky Primafila 4
118. IT:Sky Primafila 5
119. IT:Sky Primafila 9
120. IT:Super Tennis


How to watch Italian TV streams anonymously

The answer to this question depends on the laws of your country. If you want to remain anonymous and safe from law-agencies, we recommend you start using a VPN. The best thing about using a VPN is that your actual location is not visible to anyone trying to trace/track you. VPN proxies all your browsing activities from another obscure location and hence you remain safe!

How to set-up Italian free m3u playlist/links on PC or Laptop

In order to view iptv streams directly on your PC, we highly recommend you use VLC media player. You can download it for free and install it on your computer.

  1. Download and install VLC player.
  2. Download free Italian IPTV m3u playlist (Italian channels iptv streaming link) from IPTVReviewer
  3. Now, open VLC media player
  4. Next, From the toolbar Click on Media > Open File > Select “Choose .m3u file” > Select your m3u playlist file
    Just drag and drop the .m3u file which you downloaded from our IPTVReviewer website
  5. Now you will be able to watch Italian IPTV streams directly on your PC
  6. To switch between the channels, Click on “View” > Click on “Playlist” and select the channel from the list.

How to setup and watch Italian free m3u playlist/links on IPTV Smarters Pro App

  • Download and install the IPTV Smarters app on your Smart TV or SmartPhone. This app will be available in the Playstore/Apps store of your device.
  • Add User > Login via Xtream-Codes API > Enter the details given below

Playlist name: Enter any name
Username: Enter the username of your line
Password: Enter the password of your line


On the homescreen, Select “Load Your Playlist or File/URL” and select the downloaded .m3u file.

How to setup and watch Italian free m3u playlist/links on Kodi

  1. From the Kodi homescreen, Click on “TV”
  2. Next, select “Enter add-on browser”
  3. From the list of options, Click on “PVR IPTV Simple Client” add-on
  4. Then, Click on “Configure” > Select “General”
  5. If you have .m3u url, then set the “Location” as “Remote Path (Internet Address)”. If you have downloaded the .m3u file to your device, then set the “Location” as “Local Path (include Local Network)” option
  6. Choose the .m3u downloaded from IPTVReviewer website and click “OK”